Cocoa Mug {Marshmallow} Pops/Stirrers

I just had to share. My daughter and I are making them this weekend! These little mugs of hot cocoa on a stick are a really adorable addition to the holiday season. They… Continue reading

{Pin} Your Interests!

I am totally addicted, obsessed, whatever descriptive word that goes along with those two words..ha with Pinterest. This site launched back in March 2010. I know I am a bit late jumping on… Continue reading

Decorating with {fabric}

Every year I like to make my family their Christmas presents. Last year I made my parents this 12×12 page. I placed the page on top of a 12×12 canvas. My dad adores… Continue reading

Monday Morning Inspiration

Dear Kealani,

Description: This tall (6″ x 23″) silk-screend poster is a limited edition. This piece is for all you parents of tweens, teens and maybe even older, It’s honest, reassuring, and encouraging. It is… Continue reading

{not so joyful Christmas gifts}

We had our annual Christmas party for work last night. We all went bowling! I haven’t bowled in about 5 yrs! I love it, except those flat bowling shoes! I want to bowl… Continue reading

Monday Morning Inspiration


The little black post of things I {fancy}-gift ideas

I love anything beauty related. I am a beauty whore’der. There are more products on my bathroom sink, then underwear in my drawer! (don’t judge me). I love getting all doll’d up, which is… Continue reading

Revenge, this is not a story about forgiveness.

“In revenge as in life every action has an equal and opposite reaction… In the end the guilty always fall” I am really into this new show on ABC, called Revenge. It airs… Continue reading

Monday Morning Inspiration

{Hiccups}-A cure that really works.

My good friends came over for dinner last night. We were eating, drinking and having a really amazing time and when they drink to much, they both get the hiccups. Watching both of them hiccup is pretty funny! Which brings… Continue reading

{fabulous} finds

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st! To start off the month, I would like to share with you some{fabulous} finds. I love Crepe Paper!! Here is a tutorial that I am thankful for! So I wanted to share… Continue reading

Christmas {turquoise} Mantel,Ornaments & Tree

Its beginning to look at lot like Christmas….everybody now!!! FA-LA-LA-LA-LA…..Deck the Halls…. So happy that the Christmas decorations are up! This weekend my sister & I are going to help my mom put… Continue reading

Advent Calendar

I LOVE ♥ this time of year. I love the cold weather, cozy socks, flannel sheets, and those decorative christmas sweaters! Ok maybe not the sweaters! haha. My mom LOVES those Christmas sweaters. My tree has come out… Continue reading

Monday Morning Inspiration

I’m {blank} because

Your probably thinking, who is this marisakquijano chick?? Who is she..really??Hmmm…Here is a bit MORE about me.  I am weird because: I suck my fingers & scratch the inside of a sweater/shirt.Ive been doing… Continue reading

Saturday morning with my {buddy}

Just wanted to share! Have a great day!

He’s wearing Ellen Knickers

Multi Colored TUTU’s!!!!  I am a 10 yr old little girl at HEART,  & I squeal every time I hear them! 2 of my favorite things: English accents & the word “Knickers” Enjoy! ↓

I am THANKFUL for…

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! What are you thankful for? 5 years ago I wouldn’t have been able to say anything. As most of us do, I took everything for… Continue reading

.thank heaven for my birthday girl.

 Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie!! I still remember the day she was born the Raiders won the Chargers 34-24!  I knew she was going to be  a Miracle baby.  After 17 hours of labor… Continue reading

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