I am totally going to try these!! AMAZING!!!

Have you ever made body scrub? I hadn’t, until a few days ago, and now I’m embarrassed that I ever bought the stuff. Five minutes of mixing together ingredients already in my pantry and what do you know? A wonderful spa treatment, made completely of natural and organic ingredients, for literally pennies a jar. I confess that I’m already somewhat addicted to the lavender sea salt scrub: the salt makes your muscles really warm & tingly (great for those of us who have been spending long hours standing at the kitchen counter wrapping gifts), while the lavender scent relaxes and soothes and the sunflower oil leaves your skin baby soft. It’s quite wonderful, and while my original idea was simply to give these as gifts, I know now that I’ll be making body scrub for myself from now on.

I made three varieties, detailed below. I haven’t tried the avocado oil scrub yet, although it…

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