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Shopping With Coupons

I saw the great coupons in the paper last weekend,….then I saw the Target ad,….. then I found the coupons on the Target site. But, with my aversion to Target, I was reluctant to go check out the sale. Instead, I foolishly watched blog after blog post their wonderful finds during this great toy sale. But, I didn’t even think about Christmas shopping in March until Marisa posted a link to a youtube video. In the video, a woman bragged (completely OK when talking about your great coupon finds 🙂 ) about all the toys she got for dirt cheap at Target. She said she was done with her Christmas shopping! Only then did it occur to me….. Hello? What was I thinking? Why not Christmas shop in March??? So, here is the start of my Christmas shopping for December 2012!!…. (and a few other occasions this year too!)


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