Happy Birthday to my mommy

Moms carry us for nine months and then keep on carrying us. Through countless sacrifices they are loving nurturers, selfless providers and motivators, as well as chauffers and doers of laundry and dishes.

Happy Birthday to my mommy! She is 60 today. She is such a wise woman! haha My mom and I have not always gotten along, because I was stubborn, thought I new everything, outspoken and a just a crazy child!  ha. I am much wiser now. I have grown up to really appreciate my mom, and EVERYTHING she does for us, my daughter and I. She brought me into this world and I was able to meet my amazing daughter and live in this pretty awesome world!

Thank you MOM for everything!

for always being there.
for at least trying to understand where I’m coming from and for listening to me without judgment.
for allowing me to make mistakes and helping me deal with the consequences.
for teaching me to tell the truth even when the consequences may seem more than I can handle.
for teaching me to be kind, loving, generous and polite.
for teaching me to be respectful towards others while standing up for what I believe in and staying true to myself.
for teaching me to question things and to solve problems on my own.
for making me feel loved and showing me that the best gifts can not be bought.
for teaching me the value of money and the importance of budgeting.
for allowing me to be a kid, to explore, and to just have fun.
for showing me it’s okay to be wrong or not have all the answers. Nobody knows everything about everything.
for teaching me that happiness is a choice.
for showing me you’re not perfect and even the best make mistakes

I AM the woman today because of you, Thank you! I love you!