{Cheers} to our LIFE!

This weekend was an amazing weekend. I spent the day in Pasadena with fellow Mary Kayer’s haha. It was so inspirational, I wanted to stay forever. Everyone was so nice to me!  All the woman doll’d up looking so pretty. The vibe at the convention center just made you feel good! I was hesitate to go at first, (I don’t like woman very much-haha) but I am so happy that I said yes. All the woman were so friendly, and so focused on giving.

I honestly thought the convention was going to be all about selling and meeting quotas and selling..haha, but it wasn’t!

It was nothing like I expected! Thank goodness I was wrong! ha


I read the book called The Secret a couple years ago, and it has truly changed my life and the way I think and act everyday! The teachings that were at the convention this weekend were centered around the law of attraction. If you have never read the book, please go out and get yourself a copy, I promise you it will change you, forever! 😉

I have read it at least a dozen times. This weekend a friend of mine came over, and I passed my book on to her to read.

Spreading the love, its good for my soul.

The Secret

Changing the way we think, will ultimately change the way we live our life!!