You smell lovely, why thank you!

I wish I could open my perfume  c l o s e t  to find huge bottles, that never went bad or ran out. That would be awesome. To bad that’s not gonna happen. 😉 So to make the most out of your fragrance, and to help it last all day, Here is a helpful hint that works for me. Enjoy! xo

To make your fragrance last longer on your body throughout the day, cut off a piece of tissue and roll it into a ball, then spray your favorite fragrance on the tissue and saturate it. Not so its dripping or anything, but make sure it has the smell all over. Then tuck the tissue inside your bra! The tissue will hold the smell on your skin, almost all day! I make two of them, one for each boob, so the other one doesn’t feel left out! 😉 hahaha