Take me {somehwere} nice, please.

Cheers to our weekend, as it is almost here. I have had this urge to travel. The last time I went on vacation was back in, I think 2000, when I went to Kihei in Maui. That’s where I got my first tattoo! I Para-sailied, went on a sunset cruise, and took an amazing ride on the Road to Hana!  Sometimes when I’m driving I just want to keep driving. I want to get lost somewhere. I’d like to see where I would end up? I want to meet new people. Eat new foods. Marvel at something. I feel like Julie Roberts in Eat Pray Love when I say that, ha! The taste for adventure has overcome me. I need variety. I am fickle. I guess you could say…I’m bored. —–> I want to WOW’D!!!! Some where beach y, with lots of sun, hot oily men, good food and bottomless drinks! That sounds amazing! If your off on an adventure this weekend, remember to pick me up on the way! 😉

Wish they had these signs everywhere!!!

Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain -Amazing!