{Fabric} Ring Display-DIY

I finally am getting around to posting these pictures! ya! I have always been a display freak! For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that  I am obsessed with having my jewelry out where I can see it and have full access. I do that with everything, bathroom stuff, makeup, shoes. I like to see what I have, so I don’t forget I have it! HAHA.  It was hard doing this growing up, because I have 2 younger sisters, and they would always take my stuff. ALWAYS! So if I left something out it would be gone the next day. Now that I’m on my own, and have my place, I like to have everything out where I can see it. I was rummaging through my kitchen and found 2 of these mini muffin pans, since I have so many I decided these would make a super cute display for my rings. Enjoy!

What you will need: 

(2) mini muffin tins


A glue gun    

(48) Magnets


 I apologize for not having tutorial pictures, but I made it and forgot to take them. sorry! First you lay down the muffin tin, face up. Then place your fabric on top of the pan, cut your fabric a little bigger then the pan. Then place the magnets inside  the holes on top, this will give it a “bunchy” look. You may not need the magnets, but that worked for me. 😉  Then glue the fabric to the bottom of the pan.  Try not to glue it to tight, otherwise you wont get the “bunchy” look.


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