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Shopping With Coupons

Whew! I am beat. I worked three twelve hour shifts and then came home and did my weekly shopping. I am pooped! But I managed to get most of the deals I wanted. Not all, but most. Now, don’t be surprised, but I did some heavy duty stocking up on a few things. The prices were just too good not to. Don’t worry, I didn’t clear any shelves. I made sure I left some behind. OK, OK… I will admit it…. I did take all the creamy peanut butter, but I left a lot of crunchy. 😀

Here is the breakdown at Wal-Mart:

*CoffeeMate Creamer, Regular Price $2.88, Used MQ for .55 cents, Paid $2.33 total

*KY Jelly x 2, Reg Price $2.84, Used 2 MQs for $3/1, FREE MoNeYmAkEr of .16 x 2 (Made .32 total :D)

*Renu x 2, Reg Price $1.47 Used…

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