{Thank you}

When you receive a real gift, you are receiving so much more than the present; you are receiving an impression of how that person thinks about you, you are receiving the time and effort that it took to come up with the idea, and most importantly, you are receiving that person’s attention.

Ever since I can remember my mom has always taught my sisters and I to write thank you cards.

For Christmas & Birthdays she would always have a pen and paper handy to write each name and the gift we received. Although it is easy to sit down and write a short note, hardly anyone does, and the moment you do, you set yourself aside from the crowd. I teach my daughter the same way. Send a thank you, just because. One act of kindness deserves another. Here are some super-duper  thank you craft ideas.  Enjoy.

Thanks Card

Thanks Card

DIY Paper Vase Favor bags

DIY Paper Vase Favor Bags

Thank you Prima

Prima Thank you

Thank you door hanger

(you can add the ‘Thank you’ to the front)

Altered Door Hanger

Cheers thank you glass

(add a ‘thank you’ tag instead of traditions) Also cute for New Years!


Thank you book

(To thank grandmas everyone who spoil our kids)

Thank you book

Vintage gilded frame thank you card

(For thank you cards, invitation,  just because etc…)

Thank you card-vintage

Teacher thank you box

Teacher Thank you box

Thanks a Latte Card

Thanks a Latte

Thank you Printable

Thank you {Printable}

Personalized Mugs

(Thank you mugs)

Personalized Mugs

Embroidered Cards

Embroidered Card

Thank you boxes

(love these-you can put anything you like inside)

Thank you boxes

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!