The little black post of things I {fancy}-gift ideas

I love anything beauty related. I am a beauty whore’der. There are more products on my bathroom sink, then underwear in my drawer! (don’t judge me). I love getting all doll’d up, which is not very often hence the pony tail, tennis shoes, and pj’s to work..everyday! (seriously..ha) Going to {fancy} places doesn’t happen often, but when it does I like to be ready. I adore products that come in sets! I get all googly-eyed with the packaging more than the products. It isn’t always about Mary Kay ….I know, I know…. so here are some products I {fancy}.

riddle me this... & fancy me that!

Juicy Tubes – JUICY TUBES Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss in: Moulin Rose • Hallucination • Spring Fling • Magic Spell • Miracle • Pink Bling 0.33 FL. OZ. each  $29.50

Get this party started– I love how festive all three look and feel, whether wrapped around a champagne glass or peeping out of a glamorous pump. But what I truly love the most: how a few coats of any shade instantly transforms you into the life of the party.’ – Deborah Lippmann, 0.5 oz. each. $42

Double Spin – Poised, ready, waiting – six championship shades. Haute matte red to shimmering silver. Double loops all round! Lips have never seen such a performance! All take their bow in the dazzling packaging of this limited edition collection.  $15.50 

Sultry – Our snowglobe-inspired eye compact of 6 Eye Shadows is choreographed for drama! Smoky blacks and two sultry plums score points. Plus, 2 fabulous highlights to add that glamour pop! Limited edition. $38

Lip Glaze Set – A collection of eight high-shine, deliciously flavored Lip Glazes just in time for the holidays.
{8} x 0.05 oz Lip Glaze in Kitten (nude pink shimmer), Kaleidoscope (sparkling light pink), Apricot (melon nectarine), Grapefruit (frosted pink), Fantasy (sparkling watermelon), Starfruit (shimmering coral), Dreamy (nude beige), Believe (berry plum with gold shimmer) $25

Chrome – Amp up your eyes this season with a pop of gorgeous metallic color. The long-wearing formula will take you from morning to holiday party! $22

Im glame therefore I am – This kit contains: girl meets pearl deluxe mini liquid pearl for face glamming face powder with powder brush ultra shines lip shine in life on the A list (bubble gum pink) a little bit BADgal lash mascara eyeshadow palette double-ended sponge applicator $36

Amazing Grace – Very clean and always appropriate, Amazing Grace is a must-have in any fragrance wardrobe. Created to make a woman feel and smell infinitely feminine and amazing, wear it if you want to hear “You smell so good,” instead of, “What fragrance are you wearing?”
8 oz Bath and Shower Cream – 2 oz Body Butter – 2 oz Spray Fragrance $49.50

Resilience Lift – Immediately, skin looks more radiantly alive and fresher-younger. As you use it, facial contours appear sculpted and newly defined. Lines and wrinkles look more smoothed out and lifted away. An advanced blend of lipids and more infuse skin with rich, lasting moisture. 1.7 oz. $75

Tinted Moisturizer – Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight moisturizer with SPF 20 & a hint of color that can be used in place of foundation for a natural appearance while adding a healthy glow to your complexion. $42

Tease – Flirt. Play. Tease! Show it off in this thrilling twist of juicy fruits and seductive florals. It’s an enchanting blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. Domestic.1.7 oz, $45 3.4 oz, $60

Illuminator – A multifunctional face product that gives skin a refreshed luminosity.
This light-reflecting liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion, creating a shimmering incandescence. Wear it alone, or pair it with makeup to transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary. Size: 1.1 oz $29


This is my absolute favorite candle! The smell is more than amazing! $24.20 Ebony & Peach “Surround yourself with the luxurious fragrances created by Völuspá Candles. Made from only the purest ingredients, the clean, refreshing scent will linger long after the candle has been extinguished. Light Völuspá Candle, and you’ll never settle for anything less.” Fragrance Notes: A blend of warm Ebony wood, rich Mahogany, Mirablle Peach & Sweet Peony Candle in Decorative Tin 12 oz 80 Hours Burn time


Lush has amazing products!! Their products are from fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. 0.3 oz $3.95 Toothy Tabs “Lush UltraBlast Toothy Tabs, is it just us or does your toothpaste always explode in your suitcase? Even when it miraculously doesn’t, the bulky tube takes up way too much space in your carry on, which is why we are in love with these innovative toothpaste tablets. They come in a cute matchbox carrying case, which you can easily toss into any makeup bag without worrying about it bursting. Brush with the tablets for a good three minutes, and they will foam up like regular toothpaste. Spit, rinse, and you’ll have perfectly clean teeth — minus the toiletry bag mess.”


Here is another product from Lush that I love. 3.5 oz. $5.95 Rose Jam “The Bubbleroon is a new style of Bubble Bar inspired by delicious, handmade macaroons. This one is based on a traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam, and is made with our sophisticated new rose perfume. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing, but are fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. This, coupled with the coconut oil “icing” that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak. Want more of a great thing? Each Bubbleroon is made for two baths! For the silkiest, softiest, rosiest-scented bubbles you’ve ever had. With Fair Trade Shea Butter in the base, Bubbleroons treat the skin to a softening and moisturizing soak.”

Nails Inc. London

Magnetic Polish

I love Nail Polish. You have to try this magnetic Polish, so fancy! .33 oz $16 Magnetic Polish“Nails Inc. London Magnetic Polish, Cracked nails are so last season! Using magnetic force to create ethereal designs is the newest in nail polish technology. Nails Inc. is at the forefront of this trend with a formula that contains tiny metallic particles. After applying the polish to your nails, you take the magnet attached on the cap and roll it over your nail bed. The iron powder in the formula will gravitate towards the magnet, creating a ripple effect that no paintbrush can emulate. The polishes come in metallic silver, purple, and gold — perfect for any occasion.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Marisa xo