Revenge, this is not a story about forgiveness.

“In revenge as in life every action has an equal and opposite reaction… In the end the guilty always fall”

I am really into this new show on ABC, called Revenge. It airs Wednesday’s at 10:00pm (PST). I am about 2 months behind on watching this show, as it first aired back in Sept 2011. Last night I was able to enjoy all the episodes.


Watching ABC’s new Wednesday night drama “Revenge” feels like eating dark chocolate or drinking an expensive bottle of wine…It’s just decadent. Mystery, intrigue, Romance, betrayal.. it’s less like a television show and more like the kind of beach vacation novel you tear through in half a day, and then read over again, when there’s sand in the spine and the pages are warped from salt water.

What I Didn’t Like: Must we set everything in the Hamptons? I’m beginning to suspect that every executive producer spends her or his summers there and between ROYAL PAINS, THE RINGER, and this, maybe we should switch it up a bit. Variety is a good thing.

What the show is about: Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), whose real name is Amanda Clarke, moves back to The Hamptons to take revenge on the people who caused the death of her father David (James Tupper) and destroyed her family. When she was a little girl, Amanda’s father was arrested on trumped-up terrorism charges, and was tried and convicted for treason. He died in prison. Emily feels her life was destroyed; she ended up in juvenile detention and on her 18th birthday inherited the wealth of the company in which her father invested. She changed her name to Emily Thorne and decided to take revenge on the people responsible for her father’s downfall. Watch the interview ABC.COM! Interview Watch the pilot! PILOT

Quotes from the show: “When deception cuts this deep someone has to pay. My father’s chance to bring justice to the truly guilty was stolen from him. His only option was to forgive. I have others. They say vengence is a dish best served cold but, sometimes it’s as warm as a bowl of soup. My father died an innocent man, betrayed by the woman he loved. When everything you love has been stolen from you. Sometimes all you have left is revenge. Like I said this is not a story about forgiveness.” – Emily

“All though we’ve only known her for a few short months. Emily already feels like the piece of the family puzzle we never even knew was missing. In a word, I approve! And as anyone can tell you approval is not something I give away freely” – Victoria

“When I was a little girl my understanding of revenge was as simple as the Sunday school proverbs it hid behind. Neat little morality slogans like, do un to others and two wrongs don’t make a right. But two wrongs can never make a right because; two wrongs can never equal each other. For the truly wronged real satisfaction can only be found in one of two places, absolute forgiveness or mortal vindication. This is not a story about forgiveness.” – Emily

“When everything you love has been stolen from you, sometimes all you have left is revenge” – Emily

“Greetings, Earthlings. Nolan Ross here with what was supposed to be a surprise announcement about the future of NolCorp, but someone somewhere has a big mouth. I can now confirm that the Allcom rumors came from a woefully misguided employee. Allcom is dead to me and will not be receiving the contract. Instead, I’ve decided to offer our humble services to Allcom’s soon-to-be chief competitor Unitech.” – Nolan

“For the innocent, the past may hold a reward, but for the treacherous it’s only a matter of time before the past delivers what they truly deserve.” – Emily

“The greatest weapon anyone can use against us is our own mind. By preying upon the doubts and uncertainties that already lurk there. Are we true to ourselves or do we live to the expectations of others? And if we are open and honest, can we ever truly be loved? Can we find the courage to release our deepest secrets? Or in the end are we all unknowable even to ourselves.” – Emily

“Never underestimate the power of guilt, Amanda. It compels people to some pretty remarkable places” – David Clarke

“In revenge as in life every action has an equal and opposite reaction… In the end the guilty always fall” – Emily

“Guilt is a powerful affliction. You can try to turn your back on it, but that’s when it sneaks up behind you and eats you alive. Some people struggle to understand their own guilt, unwilling or unable to justify the part they play in it. Others run away from their guilt, shading their conscience until there’s no conscience left at all. But I run toward my guilt. I feed off of it, I need it. My father died never knowing if I would ever come to believe his innocence. For me guilt is one of the few lanterns that still light my way.” – Emily

“Well it certainly appears that way doesn’t it? But then again appearances can be deceiving can’t they? And you’ve practically made it an art form. Understand something Lydia, every time I smile at you across the room or we run into each other at luncheon or I welcome you into my home? Let that smile be a reminder of just how much I despise you; that every time I hug you? The warmth you feel is my hatred burning through. Goodbye Lydia. My husband’s waiting for me.” – Victoria