{Hiccups}-A cure that really works.

My good friends came over for dinner last night. We were eating, drinking and having a really amazing time and when they drink to much, they both get the hiccups. Watching both of them hiccup is pretty funny! Which brings me to this post. When I was young I used to always get the hiccups. Most of the time it was after I ate. My godmother taught me this and I have done it ever since.

The first thing you need is a pencil, or a pen will work to. Then fill yourself a glass of water about halfway. Place the pen in mouth, horizontal and bite down. Now, as your biting down on the pencil, drink the glass of water. Make sure to swallow the water. You need to concentrate on biting the pencil and swallowing the water! Remember not to bite down to hard. Pencil doesn’t taste very good. 😉 This works best over the sink. Make sure to finish all the water. Did your hiccups go away? Well of course they did. This works every time for me!

If this remedy worked for you. Id love to hear about it. Leave me a comment letting me know.