I’m {blank} because

Your probably thinking, who is this marisakquijano chick?? Who is she..really??Hmmm…Here is a bit MORE about me.

 I am weird because:

My Dad & I {1980}

I suck my fingers & scratch the inside of a sweater/shirt.Ive been doing it since I was 1, why stop now?? Let’s keep my childhood alive, and let the truth be told. You thought I was kidding about sucking my fingers! ha. I dislike socks when I sleep. I love the phrase “HIGH FIVE”. I love to clean. I bring lip gloss with me, where-ever I go. I bought my first pair of tennis shoes a couple of months ago, when I did the Diabetes walk, in honor of my momma. I’m only 4″11, so wearing flats has not been one of my favorite things. I love having my blood drawn.

I am a bad friend because:

I run the other way if they were to get into a fight. When I get invited to parties, baby showers,I rarely ever go because most of the time I can’t afford a gift. I don’t call them as much as I should. I will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

I am a good friend because:

I would drop anything to be there if they needed me. I am protective of the people I love. I am a good listener. I will give them good advice. I pray for my friends when they are in need of something

I am sad because:

I don’t always have the money to go to fancy places. I should be spending more time with my daughter then working to pay the bills. Time is going by way too fast. The last 10 lbs, just wont come off. My sister will not be with us for the holidays.

I am happy because:

My family is healthy. My daughter was chosen for the smart kids course at school  {i don’t remember the name} My house is clean. I have amazing neighbors, 3 blocks worth! I joined Mary Kay. Shop Sample Indulge-CLICK HERE wink-wink..just in case. I have super-duper fabulous friends. I am alive!

 I am excited for:

CHRISTMAS! My upcoming christmas/pamper party with my girls. To spend time with my daughter. To spend time with my family. Making an advent calendar for my daughter. She just loves those! Advent Calendar My new business venture to take off. My birthday in February. My sister, hopefully she is finally on her way to a better life! Amen!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

High five!


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