.thank heaven for my birthday girl.

 Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie!!

My Girl is growing up! wah!

I still remember the day she was born the Raiders won the Chargers 34-24!  I knew she was going to be  a Miracle baby.  After 17 hours of labor and 1000 bowls of ice later, Kealani entered my world. Holding her little body on my chest was absolutely the most amazing feeling I have ever had.  Now she has grown to be an amazing young woman. This past weekend we celebrated her 10th birthday at our house. My camera decided NOT to work this weekend..AHH of course. Thank you to my wonderful friend who used her phone to take these pictures.

Meet the Birthday Girl

She is very happy with birthdays at home, she doesn’t need to go anywhere fancy. Bring on the’ bouncy house’. Oh how she loves to jump on that thing.I mean for hours and hours, Ah the sweet life of a child! haha

I HEART the 'bouncy house'

 I wanted it to be as KAAAUTE as possible without spending a lot of money. Please see below the picture of the party set up.

I numbered each one and listed a brief description below.

Kealani's Birthday {10}

 1. KQ- These are the shadow boxes I made for my daughter’s room. I placed them on top of the stove, and the black swirls underneath  are the left over cupcake wrappers 

Shadow Boxes

2. This amazing punch bowl and cups were given to me from my grandma. I was so excited to use them. I made some Pink lemonade with sliced lemons. 3. This area is in my kitchen. I printed out 5 pictures of my daughter, placed them in a clear folders, and hung them from clothespins. On each side of the pictures are a bundle of PINK flowers. Fabulous Finds. I also made pink and black pom poms to hang in the center above of the table. This is the “Face Painting”  and  “Kealani’s Rockstar Treasure Hunt”table.

Sweet deliciousness

4. From left to right. Glass Star dishes are on top of candle holders. Star-Shaped Glass Bowls, 6″. I filled them with mini champagne bubbles. The cake holder is on top a wooden crate which I spray painted black and underneath is the left over scraps from making all the pom poms. The Cupcake holder (paper) which I decorated with black & pink ribbon.

Kitchen/Face Painting/Games

5. This is the front area of my house, when you walk in the door. I printed out another 5 pictures and hung them from clothes pins. Also added some pink and black pom poms.


6. This is a photo board. I had all the guests sign and decorate it for the birthday girl. The glass jars that the pens are in, I had prima scrap-booking flowers inside which I emptied out and tied a black bow around.

Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

7. On the mantel are 2 vintage pink frames, I picked up from Big Lots last year. There is ‘WELCOME’ in one and a picture of a Vintage girl in the other. Underneath is a black feather and two black Martini cups on both sides. Along with 2 more pictures of the Birthday Girl.


8. 3 Large Pink buckets lines up by the front door. These buckets I had already. I  filled them with Organic Cotton Candy. These were the {Party Favors}. You can find these at Amazon.com for $13.85 for a pack of 6. They are not as {sweet} as the regular cotton candy, but the kids ate them up.  YA! Amazon {Cotton Candy}

Organic Cotton Candy

 9.The cupcakes I bought and decorated them with pink cupcake holders and black swirl cupcake wrappers.   My wonderful grandma made the cake. I decorated it with a black bow, pearls and pink frosting.

How to make your very own POM-POM

This is how I learned to make Pom-Poms, so I am sharing it with you. This is inexpensive and so much more rewarding than buying them! ENJOY! To view the how to by Martha Stewart visit the link below. Martha Stewart. Here are the colors I used for the party.  I used colored wire from Michael’s and pink push pins from Staples. Once you have pushed them where you want them you can twirl the wire around you finger at the top of the pom-pom and make a little swirl on top.

Pom-Pom tutorial

meet the pom poms

Enjoying some lemonade


The kitty kats

Go Dodgers

Bows & Butterflies


Thank you all for sharing in this wonderful day!!