.Get Naked.


Let’s… GET NAKED {Bathroom Humor} So I thought I would share this project with you. This was an old frame I picked up at Big Lots, I think it was like $5. It needed a new home, a new home it shall get! “GET NAKED” was just perfect …for the place I had in mind! ha I designed for my bathroom, above the toilet. The frame I spray painted in a matte black. A simple swirl design, I don’t remember the font I used for the .get naked. though, darn! I printed the design on bazzill , scrapbook paper. Then I laminated it, so the steam/heat wouldn’t get to it , turned it vertical..and wa-la! It is perfect next to my .owl. candle from Pottery Barn.


 I picked up these {2} chandeliers for $25. They were white, so I spray painted them black. There is this place by my house where I get filtered water. The owner is super nice and he gave me an amazing deal on these! I hung them up in my bathroom, one on each side.

Bedroom 2011

Here is a picture of my bedroom. 1. This is an old dresser that has been in my family for 21 years. The orignal color was just a light wood color. So I decided to stain it a dark brown &  polished the handles. 2. Chandelier decals from .Target.3. These are candle holders I picked up at the swap meet for $10. These were white, spray painted them black.4. This is a shelf from IKEA, that I was luckily enough to bring home before my job threw it away. 5. Wall decal from .Target.  This took me about an hour to put on the wall, HA! I had to use a level to make sure it was on straight. Each word is on a separate decal.

You could say im in love with chandeliers. Instead of putting it up by the front door, Its in the bedroom. The stems I painted black. The wall decals are from Target. They have jewels on them too!

Not just a housewife


House of Grace

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